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Experience the hapiness that our Regular House Cleaning home would bring to your life:

At Enjoy Cleaning SF, our General Cleaning goes beyond mere surface cleaning. It involves a deep and detailed rejuvenation of your entire living space, aiming to restore not only cleanliness but also a sense of order, freshness, and welcoming comfort. We pride ourselves on our detailed approach to cleaning, ensuring that your home is not only visually clean but also feels and smells inviting. To accommodate your schedule, we offer a range of flexible cleaning plans, including weekly, bi-weekly, every 3 weeks, and monthly options.

Flexible Scheduling Options:

At Enjoy Cleaning SF, we recognize the unique rhythms of each household, offering flexible cleaning schedules to meet your specific needs.

Weekly Cleaning: Ideal for busy homes needing regular cleanliness. We handle weekly cleaning, so it’s off your list.

Bi-Weekly and Every 3 Weeks Cleaning: This popular option provides a balance of regular upkeep without being too frequent, suitable for many clients.

Monthly Cleaning: Perfect for those who do some cleaning but require a thorough, deep clean monthly, ensuring every area is immaculate.

Why Choose Our Regular Cleaning Service?

Steady Upkeep: Regular cleaning maintains your home’s top condition, lessening daily wear and tear.

Health Benefits: A clean space enhances health by reducing allergens and germs.

Relaxing Atmosphere: Return to a neat, inviting home for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Customizable according to your needs:

We understand that every home has specific needs. Feel free to discuss specific requirements or areas that you’d like to focus on. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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