The Art and Science Behind Eco-Friendly Cleaning:

The Art and Science Behind Eco-Friendly Cleaning:

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Welcome to the Enjoy Cleaning SF blog, where today we delve into the fascinating world of eco-friendly cleaning. It’s a blend of art and science, aimed not only at achieving spotlessness but also at preserving our environment. Join us as we explore the innovative approaches and benefits of green cleaning practices that are reshaping the way we care for our homes.

Understanding Eco-Friendly Cleaning:

The Science: Eco-friendly cleaning focuses on using products and methods that are safe for the environment and human health. These products are biodegradable, free from toxic chemicals, and often derived from natural, renewable resources.

The Art: It’s about applying these products creatively and effectively. This involves understanding the unique properties of natural ingredients and how they interact with different surfaces and types of dirt.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Cleaning:

  1. Healthier Home Environment: Reduces exposure to harsh chemicals, making your home safer, especially for children and pets.
  2. Environmental Impact: Using green products helps reduce pollution and conserves natural resources.
  3. Efficacy: Contrary to popular belief, eco-friendly cleaning can be just as effective, if not more, than traditional methods.

Enjoy Cleaning SF’s Commitment to Green Cleaning:

At Enjoy Cleaning SF, we are committed to eco-friendly practices. Our team is trained in the latest green cleaning techniques and uses only environmentally responsible products. We believe that taking care of your home should not come at the expense of the planet.


Eco-friendly cleaning is not just a trend; it’s a responsible choice for a healthier home and a healthier planet. By combining the art of using natural ingredients with the science of effective cleaning, Enjoy Cleaning SF provides a cleaning experience that is both effective and environmentally conscious. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you transition to a greener cleaning routine.

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How A Clean Home Contributes To Your Well-Being

How a Clean Home Contributes to Your Well-Being

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Welcome to the Enjoy Cleaning SF blog! Today, we’re diving into the topic of health and home cleanliness. Many may not realize it, but keeping your house clean does more than just make your space look aesthetically pleasing; it also plays a crucial role in maintaining your health and well-being. Let’s explore the health benefits of a clean home.

1. Reduction of Allergies and Respiratory Problems:
    • Elimination of Dust Mites and Pollen: Regular cleaning significantly reduces the presence of dust mites, pollen, and other allergens that can cause asthma and allergies.
    • Indoor Air Quality: Using appropriate cleaning products and effective techniques helps improve the air quality inside your home, crucial for those with respiratory issues.
2. Combating Germs and Bacteria:
    • Disease Prevention: Clean and disinfected surfaces help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, reducing the risk of infections.
    • Focus on Key Areas: Areas like the kitchen and bathroom are hotspots for germs and require special attention during cleaning.
3. Psychological Benefits of a Clean Home:
    • Stress and Anxiety Reduction: A clean and organized environment can significantly lower stress and anxiety levels.
    • Improved Mood and Productivity: Clean spaces promote a more positive state of mind and can increase productivity and creativity.
4. Enjoy Cleaning SF’s Tips for a Healthy Home:
    • Establish Cleaning Routines: Maintaining a regular routine helps ensure that your home remains a healthy environment.
    • Use Appropriate Cleaning Products: Choosing safe and effective cleaning products is crucial for maintaining air quality and safety inside the home.
    • Don’t Forget Less Visible Areas: Places like under the bed, behind furniture, and corners are often overlooked but are important to keep the house free from dust and mites.
5. Professional Services from Enjoy Cleaning SF:

For those with a busy lifestyle or in need of extra help, Enjoy Cleaning SF offers professional cleaning services that ensure every nook and cranny of your home is addressed, maintaining a healthy and clean environment for you and your family.


A clean home is fundamental for a healthy life. At Enjoy Cleaning SF, we are dedicated to providing cleaning services that not only beautify your space but also promote a healthy environment for you to live in. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you keep your home not just clean, but healthy.

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Reinventing Cleaning For A Happier, Healthier Life

Reinventing Cleaning for a Happier, Healthier Life

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Welcome to the Enjoy Cleaning SF blog, where we believe that a clean environment is the first step to a happier and healthier life. Cleaning is not just a necessity, but an opportunity to revitalize your space and your mind. Let’s explore how Enjoy Cleaning SF can transform the cleaning of your home into a rewarding and rejuvenating experience.

The Philosophy of Enjoy Cleaning SF:

At Enjoy Cleaning SF, our philosophy is simple: cleaning with a personal touch. We understand that every home is unique, and each client has their specific preferences and needs. Our goal is to provide a personalized service that not only cleans but also brings a sense of renewal and tranquility to your space.

Tips for Keeping the House Clean:

Develop Daily Routines: Small daily actions can prevent large accumulations of dirt.

Use Eco-Friendly Products: Natural cleaning products are better for your health and for the planet.

Get Organized: A place for everything and everything in its place.

Why Choose Enjoy Cleaning SF?

Choosing Enjoy Cleaning SF means opting for a service that goes beyond traditional cleaning. Our team is trained not only to clean but to care for your home with the same love and attention as you. With cutting-edge equipment and eco-friendly products, we guarantee efficient and responsible cleaning.

At Enjoy Cleaning SF, we understand that cleaning is a fundamental part of your well-being and quality of life. Allow us to take care of your home, so you can enjoy more time for the things that really matter in life. Contact us today and take the first step to transform your house into a haven of peace and tranquility.

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Floor Cleaning

Floor Cleaning – After Construction

We work with some real state agencies in the Bay Area and one of them asked us to recover these wood flooring in one of their houses. It took us quite a long time to clean the entire place, and when it came to the floor, we had to use the best of our abilities. We are so proud of our cleaners! Look at the wonderful result:

Enjoy Cleaning SF – Floor Cleaning –
After – Beautiful again!

Enjoy Cleaning SF

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Before and after cleaning

Before and After: Bathroom

One more transformation in this part of the house that demands the most attention from our teams, the bathroom. We usually spend more than an hour cleaning one bathroom. This one required 2 and a half hours, but as you can see, we left it spotless. All that time was definitely worth it, as you can see in these before and after pictures. Our client needed a deep cleaning with a focus on the bathroom and he loved the results.

Do you want a spotless bathroom as well? Call or text us right now and Lilly herself will visit you for a free estimate. Our cleaners are ready to make your home shine again! We have different categories of Cleaning Services (Basic, Deep, Spring, Move in/out) and we also offer packages. Contact us now: (323)3470725 Jaqueline or (510)4708935 Lilly and we will find a comfortable estimate for you.

Let us clean your home and you just Enjoy it!


Details on interior window cleaning

In our regular services as a basic cleaning, deep cleaning or move in/out cleaning we always try to focus on details because we know they make such a difference! Whenever a new client reaches us, we always recommend starting with a Deep Cleaning Service, which includes the whole house, plus interior windows, outside cabinets, baseboards, and oven. Every house is different, every place have their specific needs and we will do our best to leave your home looking amazing!

Today we will show to you what our team did in one of our clients home:

If you would like the interior window cleaning we can help you! its already included on the first Deep Cleaning!

Contact us now, let us to do the hard work and you just Enjoy it!

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Bathtub Cleaning

Bathroom cleaning – Before and After

This week we have another cleaning challenge! Our customer wanted their bathroom sparkling again and all they had to do was give us a call. It had been quite a while since the bathtub was cleaned, so we had to use our heavy-duty products. After lots of scrubbing, it was looking brand new again! We used Clorox, Lysol and Mr Clean MagicEraser, which are very strong products, so we don’t recommend you to use them without professional help.

Check out the result:

Regular Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Move In/Out Cleaning we are here to help!

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Kitchen Cleaning

Before and After – Small Kitchen Oakland CA

Lets start the week with a Before and After kitchen cleaning! One of our monthly client has one bedroom and one bathroom apartment in the Bay Area. His busy schedule doesn’t allow him to clean his home and on his days off he just wants to Enjoy. This is exactly what we want for him and for you, Enjoy a fresh home after we take good care of everything. It’s a small kitchen that needed cleaning and organizing. He loved it! He is our client for over a year, Contact us now for a free quote and let us to take care of your home!

Regular Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Move In/Out Cleaning whatever you need, we are here to help!

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The Only Laundry Detergent You Need – Athletic, Baby, Delicates, Pre-Treater and More!

It’s been less than a year since Clean Mama Laundry Detergent Spray launched and the response has been amazing!  You guys love this eco-friendly, super concentrated, high efficiency laundry detergent. I’m not surprised, it has surpassed all of my laundry testing expectations and with close to two years in my home, I can’t believe how simple laundry is for me, and for everyone else in the family too!

The thing that really stood out to me when I was testing it is how well it works on every type of fabric. Delicates, baby cloths (and stains!), athletic wear, sports uniforms, sheets, towels, colors, brights, whites, cashmere + wool. Everything. If you have multiple bottles of detergent for different types of laundry, you don’t need them. Laundry Detergent Spray is all you need – really!

It has eliminated the need for fabric softener – I recommend using white vinegar in lieu of any conventional fabric softener, but I have found that I don’t need it with the Laundry Detergent Spray. My washing machine smells fresh and clean and so does our laundry. I’ll still use wool dryer balls but am not needing the addition of white vinegar with each load.

Not only is it a laundry detergent, because of the spray technology, it is also a pre-treater. If I have a stain, I spray it on the stain, rub it in a bit, and count that toward my 5 sprays. You can see it below on one of my boy’s baseball pants.

If you’re tired of multiple bottles of laundry detergent, clothes not smelling or feeling clean, double-washing your clothes because they aren’t getting clean, or just looking for a safe, simple and easy way to do laundry, this is your chance to give it a try!

Safe and effective – it’s USDA Certified Bio-Based, Leaping Bunny Certified and safe for ANY washing machine and septic system.

Not sure yet?  Here are a couple posts that show HOW I use Laundry Detergent Spray on all those different laundry care needs: